Tuesday, 30 April 2013



I live a very charmed life on a dreamy Island called Waiheke and as such mywaihekelife will cover the range of things I get up to ... cooking, travelling, eating, drinking etc.

I'll start with a top Five of what im enjoying this month.

My May Top Five

1) It's still hot enough to swim and get sunburnt on the nose, this happened.

2) It is nearly winter so spending money on new boots ( beau coops being particularly dreamy) and cashmere anything is pretty much essential.

3) Post daylight saving I made the leap overnight from whipping up salads to slow cooking cassoulets or anything with a good dose of red wine and garlic. Have not looked back.

4) More yoga, now its darker earlier I guess I wont be lounging around on the beach and will finally drag myself to 7pm class on Monday, I've been saying this for a long time now but next Monday is for sure.

5) Metro top 50. I love living a short ferry ride from Auckland because there really is exciting things happening on the food front. Reading the Metro this month got me all excited for some new places and reminded me that here on Waiheke we are doing so well ( Oyster Inn, Casita Miro YUM!). Mexico is still super good and Ortolana is a recent favourite, I love the idea of eating seasonally and their ideas and food are fresh and elegantly simple. Also looking forward trying Kazuya and Food Truck Garage, which appears to have had a line out the door and down the street since it opened.


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