Friday, 16 August 2013

The Art of Keeping Busy

This may as well be titled the art of keeping busy and not finding time to blog. But yes I have found myself pretty busy. It seems that the more you do the more you manage to fit in though, when I was job hunting a few years ago I really was not doing a lot else. Shopping and spending my overdraft, going to the library to get free books and looking longingly at people that had jobs was about the extent of it. Now that I work I somehow fit in yoga, kickboxing, running club, cooking, wood chopping and generally being the best girl friend in the world ( this is a direct and truthful quote).  Does busy-ness inspire busy-ness? It would appear so!

 This month I've stepped it up a notch as we have agreed to a dry August. Its turned into get in shape and get a bikini body August for me especially after having to don my bikini mid-winter in Raro a few weeks back. I tend to think I eat relatively well...... but I do love to cook and I rarely do potatoes without duck fat or braised beef without red wine. I've joined a running club imaging that I will be one of those people who just do casual half marathons all the time ( I did one once and didn't run for the next two years). I see there is a kerikeri half marathon in November and that seems to me to be a nice sort of getaway spot so I may aim for that.

I've found a wonderful blog called my new roots written by a lady who creates amazing healthy fresh food with vegetables, fruit, grains, and whole foods. She does something called ' life changing bread' and YES it has changed my life ! Its full of nuts and grains like chia seed, flax seed and almonds and doesn't contain flour yeast eggs or anything that someone might be intolerant of ( unless its nuts I guess).

Other things keeping me busy are a scarf I started to knit in June that has become more like a large and misshapen square and may be ready for winter 2016 if Im lucky. It takes around half an hour to complete one row so quite a soothing (annoying) process.

Anyway look at me finding time within my busy-ness to write a blog post! This in part is due to having too many coffees- I took a bath in an attempt to slow my heart rate but to no avail. I baked a lemon grapefruit tart for friends who are coming over for dessert and that seemed to be a good use of my excess energy due to the fact I have to concentrate ridiculously hard to follow instructions. I talked my sister through the art of ironing, should we be worried that potential lawyers don't know to put water in an iron or indeed turn one on??  ( love you ems)

As an aside to all this busy-ness has anyone noticed that when they browse websites ads from other websites you've visited come up showing the EXACT clothes/books/sunglasses you've been looking at!? I feel that this is just creeping up slowly and at first we are surprised and then it just seems normal that I computer knows more about you than your family. I feel worried but its also a little bit useful as in 'oh I forgot I liked that I better buy it" So they win that round.

Here's one such outfit asos really wants me to buy.... Im pretty ready for Spring weather to begin and if this little number doesn't bring out the daffodils and lambs I don't know what will!

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