Saturday, 27 July 2013

Top 3 things I'm really super-duper into

I thought about naming this new 'feature' ( I'm aiming at some consistency here) things I'm addicted to but was reading something about how we inadvertently use lots of drug based language in our everyday speech, interesting, so in light of that I developed the
mega catchy ...

Top 3 things I'm super-duper into:

1) Holidays

I Just spent the week in Rarotonga with my family ( turns out you're never too old to be taken on holiday by your parents, thanks Mum and Dad!) and holidays really are so so good. Exploring the Island by scooter was definitely a highlight, the locals ( especially the children) were all super smiley and friendly and lovely. And of course its warm so thats a bonus! Raro was such a beautiful Island, I could happily live off fish, coconut, pawpaw and gin and tonics for the rest of my days. Hanging out with your family is something you definitely appreciate more as you get older and with one quarter of our family heading to Sweden next year we are fitting in holidays left right and centre.

2) Yen Magazine

Yen magazine is very close to taking over Frankie as my favorite magazine. I only discovered it last holidays so recently headed into Auckland City Library and issued 10 of the past issues. Oh the dreamy wonderfulness!! So many great articles and interviews from Grimes to James Blake and more! Just the right amount of fashion and even a few choice recipes. Pictured is the latest issue that I am yet to find in NZ but I see it features Tavi who really is ridiculously cool for one so young, check out her blog

3) Haim

These girls are super cool and make very good music. I recently read an article comparing them to Fleetwood Mac so maybe thats why I like them so much. They are three sisters from California and I reckon they have a slight 90's pop sound going on which I just love, I listen to 'Dont save me' on repeat until my man begs me to turn it off, its soooo good. Their debut album will be out in September so along with Spring Ill be looking forward to that!! Hopefully it comes out on vinyl! Check check check them out!

Soooo I'll be working on a monthly top 3 in an effort to get out more, listen to more music, try more food and generally go about the business of living my life. Have had my foodbox on hold over the holidays and am very much looking forward to getting home tomorrow evening and unpacking that box of goodness, may try and get all creative and share some recipes again...

Happy Sunday Ya'll.

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