Saturday, 15 June 2013

Because its Sunday and my outlook for the day has been stormy seas and grey skies I thought I would share some of the blogs Ive been perusing recently for inspiration - in the kitchen, things to wear, see, do , think etc!

Very good shots of European style, to me this site is actually 'street style' rather than ' on-the-street-outside-a-fashion-show style'.

Written by a South African girl, this blog contains a well put together mix of beautiful images, clothes, people and places. This blog really makes me wan to visit SA so i can go to all the wonderful places/shops she talks about, well worth checking out!

This is a food and photography blog that makes me want to become a photographer.  Based in Tasmania these two friends go out and source local food and turn it into delicious and stunning feasts. They document their adventures of meeting local producers, going fishing and discovering new ingredients- very inspiring!!

I used to love Thursday's listening to the amazing Charlotte Ryan on bfm talk to Simon Farrell-Green of Eat Here Now. Listeners could text or call in asking about good places to eat around Auckland. So Eat Here Now is his blog and showcases Aucklandland eateries. Quite good if you live in Auckland and maybe not so much if you dont sorry. On a side note I saw Simon at Queenstown airport recently and felt quite star struck but didn't say hi, a small regret in life thats comes a close second to not saying hi ( I love you and everything you do and say!!) to Rick Stein at Auckland airport. DAM IT.

I dont know if anyone else ( maybe the aforementioned Mr Stein) has made me laugh out loud or agree any more wholeheartedly than Leandra Medine of The Man Repeller. She inspired me to cut off  my hair, to layer like theres no tomorrow and to dress for yourself. She is incredibly witty and smart and  has amazing and original style. Ive been a fan for a long time and the love affair shall continue..

While on holiday over Christmas I walked around Paris day dreaming that I would bump into Garance, that we would have a little espresso together and she would hire me as her assistant on the spot to travel the world with her. This did not happen but very well could have as I loitered in the Tuileries until my nose nearly froze off. As with the man repeller I love Garances writing style - could be partly to do with French translation but she is very funny and also very to the point. While not a lot of what she writes about is super relevant to my life ( places to eat out in Corsica, the Celine latest resort Collection) it is very nice to dream and she takes cute little videos too.

The quest to know more, my lovely and multi-talented friend Emily recently started this blog. Heres her blub: There is so much to know in this world, so much to learn. It seems that in the life time of an average human they will only scratch the surface, a thought which is simultaneously exciting and sad. Rather than sit around contemplating how much there is to find out, and how little time I have to do it in, I thought it best to get cracking and start learning. Know More is the documentation of this process.

So go and explore and find out and know more.

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