Thursday, 27 June 2013

Its Friday Yo!

Well well the week is nearly up and all I have left are some delicious little Brussels sprouts, which ill be whipping up into something so delightful that my lovely man will never even know what's hit him. Tomorrow afternoon over a nice cold something rather Naomi and I will compare, collate, collaborate etc and get some photos up. I've had a pretty good time trying to get creative and it certainly has made me think a bit differently about how I cook. I just had sneak peak at what will be in next weeks Foodbox and Im looking forward to Monday already (I know, right? Monday!).

In other unrelated news I was reading the latest Smith magazine that I bought for my man ( whose hands it has yet to reach) and read about the coolest new concept in milk dispensing in cafes. If youre a barista or have been one or have ever been into a cafe you've surely got a good idea of how many milk bottes they go through. Also how SUPER annoying it is that they have that little plasticy peel top that never peels properly and is a huge waste of time/materials/money etc/ . Anyway long story short these clever guys based in Sydney came up with The Juggler.

Click the link to find out more but its like a tap for milk! There is a bladder that can hold 10 Litres of milk underneath- no more bottles! no more time opening bottles! Seems like a win win to me.

Right, I can smell my little brussels roasting away ... Happy Friday everybody.

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