Monday, 24 June 2013

Foodbox Challenge

My friend Naomi recently got me onto the foodbox company. They deliver a box of fresh, local fruit and veg weekly to your door. I've done other things like this in the past but got sick of trying to get creative with potatoes and kale every week! I got my first box last week and had planned to do it fortnightly but it was so packed with variety and deliciousness that I had to order another for this week. To make life interesting I challenged Naomi to what I'm creatively calling "The Foodbox Challenge". The rules are fairly loose - cook with as much of the produce from the foodbox as possible throughout the week, be as creative as possible and take photos! 

At the end of the week I'll do a post of our weekly menus and you dear readers can decide and vote for which dishes you liked the best or who you thought got the most creative. There may even be a foodbox for one lucky reader ( Auckland, NZ area only sorry)

Happy eating...


  1. Those brussel sprouts have so much potential...

  2. Is that rhubarb and apples? I see a dessert coming on!?