Friday, 3 May 2013

Im excited about...

The Great Gatsby is soon to be showing out our wonderful local cinema( June 6th). As with most book to film adaptations I'm feeling cautious (I watched Captain Corelli's Mandolin with my finger over Nicolas Cage's face the entire time - terrible casting, wonderful beautiful story and whoever thought they could fit The Time Traveller's Wife into a 2 hour film was crazy)

BUT if anything I am intrepid so I shall be heading along as soon as possible.  I'm a sucker for Leo, for anything created by Luhrman and I especially like Cary Mulligan. Joel Eggerton is not half bad either. The fact that Muccia Prada has created a number of looks in the film just adds to my excitement.
I was interested to learn the book had already been adapted to film, once in 1926 as a silent film which sadly has been lost, again in 1949 then most recently in 1974 starring Robert Redford.

I'm picturing Martini's before hand and possibly even dressing up (probably not in Prada). I really enjoyed this book and I won't attempt to review what has been called F Scott Fitzgearld's greatest novel but I do feel it is insightful of the wonderful frivolousness of a 1920's America and of course classic in its treatment of a flawed main character ( ooo 7th form English is coming flooding back).

An aside- its so exciting that the Waiheke community ( lead by the always charming John Hawksby) has pulled together to raise the money needed to buy the new digital technology for the cinema. Having played the most minor of roles by organising a movie night at school I have a terrific sense of pride in our community. I grew up watching films at The Paradiso in Wanaka , another amazing little space with couches, airline seats etc and its so important that we keep these independent cinemas going.

So great work once again Waiheke and if you want to attend the final cinema fundraiser I think you can still buy tickets for what is going to be a spectacular evening of fine food and wine at The Oyster Inn. Call them on 09 372 2222.

Oh and more exciting news for Waiheke residents as I looked for that phone number on their website I see they are continuing to feature Nathan Haines throughout May on Sunday evenings- thought I had missed the boat there!


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  1. Love this post. Such an exciting mix of cinema, literature, fashion, food, wine and community. I don't know what I want to comment on most! Let us know what you think of the film and keep us posted about your life on waiheke - it sounds just dreamy!