Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Winter has arrived

Since moving to Auckland from Central Otago Ive tended to look down upon those wearing puffer jackets ("winter!!! you call this winter!!?? Im swimming!!"). I would loudly proclaim oh Auckland what winter, winterless North, Ill be in sandals till June, I swim everyday in the sea....etc etc  But oh how the proud do fall, IT IS FREEZING. Not literally, we are no where near freezing point but dam its cold. I can see my breath , I'm wearing tights and now that its raining all the time and our water tank is full Im back to spending my evenings soaking in the tub. I also have a slight sniffle that may turn into some sort of winter cold although I have not experienced one of these for many years it may just be hayfever. Its hard to complain though when my sister sends me photos of herself trudging through snow to lectures in Dunedin or my mum tells me she's added a fourth merino layer to her outfit down in Alexandra. The thing is though we are just not prepared up here, I mean my tights are 20 denier! more suited to a light autumn breeze than anything below 10. My lovely lockwood is a home more suited to the summer, sure once the fire is lit its like sauna in here but this week I am sans my man and while chopping firewood in the dark and torrential rain may appeal it some , it does not to me.

This brings my to the sort of point of why im writing.... HATS. The minute I put a hat on my body temperature soars, its like magic. Hats are life changing, well thats pushing it but they are super useful. Woolly hats are excellent but Ive found in Auckland a wide brim fedora is best because not only does it keep you warm, hide a bad hair day and look good but it totally keeps the rain of your face for those occasions when it rains 10 separate times in one day and the sun out of your eyes when the sun comes streaming out from behind aforementioned rain clouds.

Here are some goodies...

Cara Delevingne 

from Sartorialist

Hat instead of a top- why not?

Elisa in bejeweled wool

LM aka Man Repeller at her best
So frenchy 

Paris loves girls in hats 
Paris loves men in hats

In Amsterdam wearing clogs and....a hat!

So there you have it next time you're cold wear a hat, next time you have the shopping urge buy a hat! Better yet if your into knitting -knit a hat!

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