Wednesday, 15 May 2013

I'm excited about

With a deadline looming on Friday I'm going to do what I did throughout my long uni life and PROCRASTINATE. I consider myself quite a calm person so at times I proactively seek stress out just to mix it up a bit, why complete something a week before its due when you can leave a teeny tiny bit to the very end? I know you all agree.

So anyway there are many lovely things to be excited about this week ...

1) The new baskets at Father Rabbit. Having these in a range of sizes would make even the messiest of us super tidy and organized.  I imagine all the lovely linen I am yet to buy from Father Rabbit would look very good indeed in one of these.

1b) Also the new Riess enamel ware from Father Rabbit . This stuff is super beautiful, would totally last for the rest of your life ( very good value per use) and Father Rabbit just makes it sooooo easy for me when it posts everything super quick and tied up in pretty paper and string.

2) The Auckland Readers and Writers festival. This event is super cool, I like to read a wide variety of literature from Vogue ( is this literature, i guess?) to Hunter S Thomson to Steinbeck, I even sometimes try to read financial type books the man leaves about the house, never with great success. 

The Readers and Writers festival truly HAS IT ALL! You can attend the gala night, lunch with the author type affiars, seminars, debates and more. One of the highlights for me is Poetry Idol where poets perform/read and have to make their way through to the final round by gaining votes from the judges. I'll be cheering on local poet Selina Tusitala Marsh whose work I've been lucky to hear a number of times most recently alongside the very very cool Sam Hunt. So if tickets are still available I would strongly suggest getting in quick!!

3) Its been a good 5 months since I went from long and straggly to short and choppy and I'm still excited about it, most days. Im now pro- short hair even if the man in my life has not quite come to terms with my lack of locks. I took in a photo of my beloved man repeller and was extremely happy with the result, more so than when I took in a photo of Bob Dylan when I was 21, no I dont know what I was thinking but it grew back thank god. I recently saw that another of my idols, Garance Dore, has cut her locks off in a similar fashion to mine, co-incidence ? I think not, she surely follows me on instagram!

4) Gay Waiheke Weddings. I dont know if I actually heard or read this statistic or made it up myself but I think that 20% of NZ weddings happen on Waiheke. Now from my spot on the hill I look down on a beach that has a particularly iconic shed on it. Every week throughout summer I watch hundreds of couples get their wedding photos here. My man and I spend much time ' wedding photo commentating'  its super fun, the 8 brides maids in various shades of pastel was a standout day. Needless to say we notice a distinct lack of individuality and style. Gay weddings will change this I know it, I cant wait to see the stylish and interesting grooms parties around the island , they may not head for the shed but my goodness I know they will do weddings with flair and style  and no im not picturing that wedding from Sex and the City 2 when I think style.

5) Knitting Night! many of my clever friends knit and as a non knitter I consider myself quite lucky to be invited to this. Ive knitted in the past but normally mum would finish it off, well start it too, and fix up holes along the way actually I didn't do much of it. Who knows I may turn a leaf and be one of those super crafty types featured in Frankie one day.. watch this space.

6) Winter coats. While its hard to justify spending a whole pay check on a warm coat that I may only wear one day of the entire North Island winter, it seems unfair to miss out on winter dressing just because its not really cold. Its hard in Auckland because it can get cold and what if you plan on travelling south of the Bombay Hills at any point? These are some of my favorites, ready to buy just incase the weather turns, the snow sets in and I finally pack my bikini away. 

KW Fantastique Magnifique Winter '13

Emanuelle Alt layering like nobodies business

The always stylish Garance

Camel is the answer

On a semi related note I fulfilled my dream of attending 2 yoga sessions this week and totally feel the better for it , now that I think of it was this a form of procrastination ? 

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