Tuesday, 7 May 2013

The shoe problem

I never thought I was a "shoe girl". I was wrong. I am, I soooo am. I'm a late bloomer but I have bloomed. I have looked high and low for the perfect loafer for so long that they have come and gone and come back into fashion and very well may be on the way back out ( so they're a classic, non?).  My only saving grace with shoes really is that I dont often find the perfect pair, I dont want something I like, I want something I love.

Unfortunately it was love at sight when I saw these...

dream loafer courtesy of miss moss

The shoes , not the dress but ok yeah the dress would go perfectly with the shoes.
Of course my dream shoe would be Acne , of course it would be Italian leather and of course yes I can ship them straight from Barneys to my door. 
If only I had not recently brought my new dream winter boot.... 


The thing is they are a classic and Ill wear them forever ( this is my standard argument behind buying anything over $200, my man no longer falls for this). I feel that the acne loafer would really truly be a wear it forever type shoe...tan= classic!
Another shoe that I do believe my lovely friend Emily Gilbert and I swooned over at the same time on instagram is the new Luna boot in mint.

I have to admit I've not been a past fan of the KW x Beaucoop collaborations mainly because I know for a fact the heels are not super comfortable. BUT the green is a dream and a high ankle boot is always a good idea.
Two more dream shoes and then I'm done dream'n.

This is one tiny sample of the amazingness that is del toro shoes

Ten & co shoes, these beauties are cut from vintage leathers and Moroccan rugs- interesting!

What is your approach to shoes and shoe shopping dear readers ( em , mum?) If I settle for second best and pick up the latest mi piachi has to offer will I forever dream of the acne tan leather loafer and what could have been or should I be more worried about global warming considering I got one arm semi- sun burnt at lunch time today ( mid May?!) .


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  1. I read this post and wondered whether it was not me who had written it! I understand the shoe problem, and think perhaps we could just call it the fashion problem. I am a staunch believer in quality not quantity. If you buy well made shoes, comprised of quality materials, then yes you will pay but you will also reap the reward of a shoe that lasts for multiple seasons. You are also making a more sustainable choice.

    To prove I am not all talk... recently I was in need of a new pair of black pumps for work. Due to a very sick looking bank account I gave myself a budget of $80-$100. I found plenty of shoes within this price range, but they all looked like they would give you a blister just by touching them, and none of them excited me. I wasn't dreaming up outfits or thinking about the admiring looks I would get as I strolled past onlookers. Finally, I went to a cute little boutique shoe store, specialising in Italian shoes. Do I need to continue? I found the perfect pair of pumps (unfortunately I can't find a pic of them on the net)... they are just the right height, just the right mix of fashion and practicality, and only $140 over budget. I bought them, and other than a little post purchase guilt I have never looked back. The first day I wore them I did a full day of teaching (for you non-teachers out there, that means a full day on your feet) and did not have one blister. Not even a slight rub.

    The moral of this long story (which is an entirely unsuitable length for a comment) is that well made shoes are worth the price tag. They will look more beautiful, last longer and make you happier. And let's not forget the $10 per wear rule. Surely the accountants in our lives can understand this?